We work for you.  Christian Charles Insurance Services is an independent broker that only offers coverage with “A” rated carriers.  It is our goal to align our clients with carriers that adhere to the needs and wishes of each risk individually, while also seeking to minimize expense for the client.  As an independent broker, we are not bound by the slim menu of policies and premiums that most career brokers are bound to present to their clients no matter their needs.  As an independent broker, we work for you, not the carrier and your satisfaction and protection are our only concern.


Christian Charles realizes that each of our clients are a diverse and individual risk with just as diverse and individual needs.  As such, we partner with hundreds of carriers to be sure that we have many markets to shop from.  No matter your business risk, we can get you covered typically within 48 hours.  When we present your quotes, we will also present a marketing analysis report so that you can see how the coverage we have provided you with compares against the market.  Each year we take your risk to market, you will be assured that you have the best protection you can get for the premium you want to pay.


We operate off the saying, “Old Fashioned Service at the Speed of Light”.  Once you become a Christian Charles client, you will finally know the meaning of service.  We realize that each business has their individual service needs, and from the start of the quoting process we begin to understand that, and design each client’s in-house electronic information platform to address those needs.  Most of our clients require many certificates of insurance throughout the policy year, along with just as many endorsements.  From the outset, we discuss those needs to be sure that where needed, each client is receiving an endorsement package that minimizes expense, while speeding up issuance times, allowing our clients to continue their jobs seamlessly and without interruption.


Knowing that your time is important and you most likely have better things to do than spend hours dealing with insurance, it is our goal to minimize the time expended during the quoting process.  We do this by gaining all of the required information that is needed to take your risk to market in the first meeting or phone call.  Other brokers tend to harass a potential client with many phone calls and faxes, gathering information only when the underwriter is requesting it.  We are very in tune with our carriers needs to be able to provide you with the most competitive quote available, so in many cases it will only take one phone call to communicate what we need.  Thus, sparing you the wasted time of passing information back and forth over and over again, and leaving you to operate your business.


We’re here for you.  Christian Charles offers many ways to contact us for quotes and servicing, or just to answer your insurance questions.  Just as each client is an individual with their own needs, we realize that each client prefers to communicate in their own individual way.  As such, we offer communication via telephone, fax, e-mail and our online service and quote portal.  For those who like to communicate face to face, but without the time lost from meetings and visits, we will soon be offering video-chatting and be sure to look out for the Christian Charles Insurance Blog.  Finally, we have not taken the “old Fashioned” out of the insurance business, so for those who prefer to seal a relationship with a handshake and a smile, we’d love to come and meet you and see your business. 

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